Thursday, April 10, 2008

Two Days, One Cause...

One of the least useful things that can happen, when a new idea hits the table, is for more than one group to do the promoting. Take RSS Awareness Day. To be very honest, I'm not exactly sure whose idea it was first. But the point is we now have two days, a week apart, to promote an easy, convenient way to distribute your posts. April 24th has been selected by Enterprisers for their RSS Day, while Daily Blog Tips has selected May 1st [once and for all removing the stain on that date caused by it being International Socialism Day].
For all the intermural mash-up, it seems as if both sides have the same, useful goal in mind; to increase the use of RSS [Really Simple Syndication] as a means of distributing posts or, more to the point, to get more people to read postings through RSS. The team at Daily Blog Tips pointed out in a recent release that, over the last three or so years, RSS readership has gone up by only four-tenths of one percent, from five percent to five-point-four percent! Why don't people use RSS more? In my case, I never think of it, and, when I do, I prefer to read posts at the original site whenever possible. That way, I can see any illustrations, charts, etc, associated with the post [RSS syndication does not include visual portions of postings; why is that, by the bye?].
The crew at Daily Blog Tips invite you to; don't rush, by the way - the site is just established. But I like the color scheme. Meanwhile, the Enterprisers [why do I have a picture of Kirk, Spock, Picard, and Troi when I think of that name? Damned if I know] hope you'll stop at their wiki,
As far as promotional materials go, Daily Blog Tips has a better package, including a competition with some high-power prizes on the table. But the Enterprise crew has [so far; Blog Tips says it'll have more banners next week], to my mind, the better visual symbol, reproduced above. No matter which day in future years is celebrated as RSS Day, let's keep the megaphone logo, which works for just about anyone, regardless of language.
-Mike Riley

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