Monday, December 21, 2009

Fast Away The Old Year Passes...

First of all, courtesy of the Mental Floss web site, possibly the most disturbing image of Santa I've ever seen:

That's disturbing on many, many levels. Discuss...

On a more pleasant note, the crew at Daily Blog Tips [which you should be subscribed to; if not, take care of this NOW] recently posted the results of a group writing project: 90 Reviews Of 2009. The title is a little deceptive: it's not so much multiple reviews of the year about to end as a look at some of the best postings on the Web this year, in a variety of topics. A lot of these, I should note, will be useful to bloggers in the Home Audience, if for no other reason than as examples of notable posts. There are whole sections on blogging topics and marketing, for those in the monitization trade, as well as parenting tips [none written by Jo Frost, oddly enough. Incidentally, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the differences between the British and American covers of her books kinda interesting? (The British seem to want discipline, while Americans seem to crave a bit more warmth {motherlyness?} in their Supernanny. Check it out for yourself, if you don't believe me...]

Anyway, read the posts, take whatever you can from them and, for God's sake, don't stare into the eyes of this guy:

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

-Mike Riley