Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trolling For Freebies [Shameless Promotion]

Something I may or may not have mentioned in these little texts is that I am totally inept when it comes to artwork, coding, writing html, xthml, etc. (I admit this is a major flaw in a site dedicated to offering advice to other bloggers; anyone interested in helping out on this matter, please leave me a comment with contact information. Please...)
Anyway, I really think the EntreCard that I'm currently using for this site needs work. Fortunately, help is at hand, thanks to Jay Francis Hunter, of scribblesandwords.com. In conjunction with his new services page [http://www.scribblesandwords.com/services-hire-jay/], he is offering free 125x125 banners [suitable for EC, Project Wonderful, etc]. The only cost to YOU is writing an entry publicising said service page. (If you want to see the full rundown, visit www.scribblesandwords.com, and look for the decorative banner under: "Jay's Favorites". [The post also links to a page of banners he's already done. You'll recognize some of them from your 'Card dropping. I'm really looking forward to what he'll come up with for us...]
I always think "news you can use" is worth sharing, so go and take Jay up on his offer. The Blog Lab is...
-Mike Riley

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