Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Upping The Ante

Okay. First of all, there is one more post coming in the "EntreCard" series [look for it either later this week or early next]. (Editor's Note: because I started the third EC post as a draft before writing this posting, it actually appears beneath this entry. I'm sure there's some logic to all this, but I'll be Da---- if I understand it. - MR)
After that, I want to get back to this site's true focus; namely, writing and layout tips for the casual [ie, non-commercial] blogger. I've been hoping for submissions from long-time bloggers, tech-heads, you know what I mean. So far, though, the pickings have been non-existent, never mind slim.
Okay. You need a bribe to play. Fair enough. Acknowledging that reward is a primary motivation in human activity, and to celebrate the acceptance of this blog by the good folk at BlogCatalog, I am now offering 250 EntreCard credits for any published posts (They still have to meet the Guidelines posted at the top of the right-hand column of this blog). If you're not a 'Carder, first of all, you should be.
Secondly, I think we can work out some kind of compensation [but not money. I don't have a lot right now, or ever, for that matter].
Go ye and blog...
-Mike Riley
PS: The Chinese character illustrating this post is translated, roughly, as "Wealth". Just thought you'd like to know...

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BillyWarhol said...

Gosh EntreCard has taken over the Entire Blogosphere!! ;)) Peace*