Monday, March 3, 2008

Some Thoughts On Templates

Just as a house is built around a frame, a blog is built around a template. Your template gives a structure to the posts, links, widgets, and other elements that make up your blog. Careful selection of your template's design, including color scheme, will make your blog stand out from others with similar themes.

The two main template formats, Blogger and Wordpress, are both based on html/xtml language. Which one you select [or if you select another one entirely] depends on your blogging requirements, as well as which system you prefer to work in. There seems to be a feeling that Wordpress is more suitable for business-oriented blogs, while Blogger is better for personal blogs. I have never felt comfortable trying to create a blog using Wordpress; if you feel comfortable with one format, use it. There are plenty of business blogs that use Blogger, and many personal blogs on Wordpress. If anyone has a stronger opinion one way or the other, please comment on this post. Your insights will help newbies make the choice that is right for them.

(Along that line, I'd really like to hear from those who use neither Blogger or Wordpress, and why. Please comment below)

-Mike Riley

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