Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Chain, Chain, Chain..."

If everyone who reads this post had a nickel for all the SEO theories out there, none of you would need to worry about SEO; you'd be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. Search engine optimization is one of those money-making blog factors that actually has some relevance for all bloggers. People not in the profit game may not care as much, of course, but anyone who takes the time to create a blog would like it to be as popular as possible, to be consulted, to be searched for. And the simple fact is, the higher you are on a Google search page, the better off you are in such matters [indeed, more than a few experts will tell you that your blog must be at the top of page one for Google to do you any good at all. They have a point; unless I'm completely dissatisfied with the first Google search result, I almost never go any further].
Which brings us, naturally, to yet another SEO theory: the Linkback Project: The posting, by the mysterious "Dr. Algorithm", explains it as well as any one could, I suppose; I have to confess that, when confronted with such exposition, Mine Eyes Glaze Over [this wouldn't be so bad, mind you, but my brain usually glazes over as well]. Still, the good "Doctor" makes a case for the project, if for no other reason than to see what happens if someone tries it. (Short-term, I suspect that it will be quite helpful to its members; "pyramid"-type schemes, even those which have no illegal components [and I believe this one if legal at every level] are frequently very successful in their early stages. Long-term, though, trust Google to come up with yet another change in their mathematics, so that the system can't be "gamed")
Take a look at this one for yourself, then, if it makes sense to you, go for it. In the int erst of science, I'm putting this blog on the list. Let's compare notes over the next few weeks.
-Mike Riley
PS: Part of the process involves putting the currently active links in a post:


Guy Vestal said...

The problem with your "nickel for every seo theory" analysis in this instance, is that you didn't tell me you had added yourself to the list.

I happened to notice you in my incoming links section, and added you to the list back at LDP.

If you post this only once or twice you will indeed see a tiny raise in technorati rank, but it isn't unless you stick with the project, and follow through with the process, you will not see the intended benefit.

I welcome naysayers in the opening phases, it motivates them all the more as they begin to see the actual depth of the experiment, and notice that someone has actually proven that there is no secret math, and that search engines are nothing like the movie "Pi:Faith in Chaos" (And for those that don't know what I just said... )

And that folks have had the answers to traffic questions right under their noses all the time.

You see little to back my statements because their is little data as of yet.

July 10th was the start date.

There is much to be seen for those who are curious.

-Dr. Algorithm

EzRich said...

I have listed our URL in my LinkBack project. see

Appreciate it if you could include in your list.


Mike Riley said...


You're absolutely correct when you say there are not enough data to confirm or deny your proposal. You are also correct when you note that, for optimum results, one must update the link list regularly [as a matter of fact, I will add the current list to my sidebar as a "blogroll" listing, and will update at least once a day on weekdays].
For the record, I did try to link back to you as requested, but I was unable to get through. I thank you for including my link in your listings, even without this step.
I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a "naysayer". But I admit to a healthy scepticism. Let's face it, Guy; there have been more SEO theories dropped on the table then one can shake the proverbial stick at. And, frankly, I'd love to see your theory turn out to be valid. I've always preferred the simplest solution to a problem. And if I thought your proposal was utter nonsense, I wouldn't waste time or space exploring it.


Laura said...

For me the problem with these link back plans is that I don't want to make them a post on my blog. Just as I am getting kind of saturated with posts about Entrecard from the Entrecard blogger's blogs. It's getting harder to find content versus traffic boosting posts.

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